Sadie Jo

Betsey X Sadie Jo

Recreation and Documentation

Betsey X Sadie Jo is rooted in secondhand collaboration in the form of a 1973 Betsey Johnson Butterick 3286 Pattern. I followed the pattern as accurately as possible, with the goal of maintaining the original pattern’s integrity while still staying true to my own style. This project culminates in a documentary that shows the entire making process, from initial conception to final photoshoot.

Betsey X Sadie Jo Documentary

A portrait

When sewing this look, maintaining the integrity of the pattern was incredibly important to me. It was a vital part in keeping that tie with the era and designer, and allowed me to get in the headspace that the pattern was intended for. To stay true to the original nautical theme of the pattern, I used vintage 1970s novelty fabric for the pants and mixed patterns in the shirt to call upon my inner Betsey Johnson. The trimmings and accessories were chosen in a similar vein, taking inspiration from past to make an accurate look. It feels like true collaboration, bringing me closer with designer, pattern, and intended vision.


Sarah Hinds


Eleanor Brustman

Hair and Makeup:

Eleanor Brustman

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