Sadie Jo

Fairy in the Garden

50/50 Layout

This piece was born from a feeling. I wanted to capture that delicate freshness of a spring morning, where dew coats fresh grass and the sunshine seems to actually sparkle. It is such a precious and fleeting feeling that I wanted to immortalize in this gently layered dress, paying homage to the newness of spring.

50/50 Layout

The base is made from a light cotton broadcloth and layered with various types of silk organza. The ties are made in a matching broadcloth and it is finished in matching bias tape. The flower embellishments are beads from a vintage 1950s necklace that I wore for many years until it broke, so it now has a new life on this dress. The waist is adjustable so that it can fit various sizes.


Altering a basic block pattern to add flanges

Muslin mockup

Muslin mockup try on

Prepping to cut the organza

Layering the organza

Hemming the organza

Pinning the beads to the bodics

Pinning more beads to the bodice

Sewing the beads to the bodice


Photographer: Sarah Hinds

Photo Assistant: Kayla Bernard

Model: Esme Munson