Sadie Jo

Lost in the Burbs


The pursuit of a suburban utopia is filled with facades, including the home itself. The uncanny artificial lawns, perfectly sculpted  and shining gelatin foods, flawlessly printed laminate counters, and  overly friendly neighborly exchanges are nothing but illusions of a perfectly curated life. The  act can only go on for so long before the house begins to show its true colors.


This piece is the first look in my collection, "Lost in the Burbs". This collection explores 1950s suburbia and all of its uncanny quirks. I was particularly inspired by gelatin foods and repetitious suburban architecture.


The shorts are made from cotton sateen and silk organdy. The blue sweater is machine knit from a merino wool and silk blend. The green sweater is up-cycled and reshaped from a thrifted sweater. The waist fences are boned and have belt loops on the back for the ties, allowing for an adjustable fit. The bottom fences are appliquéd to the organdy with a tiny zig zag that lets the inside as well as the outside have a clean finish. There is also a small zipper in the shorts for easy dressing.

Making the pattern and drawing the fence pattern

The initial mockup and its alterations

Second mock up

Finding the right setting for appliqué

starting to sew the shorts

basting the shorts to the organdy

Starting to appliqué the fences

Finished bottom of shorts

Added the top fences and measuring mock up tie lengths

Starting to knit the top

Waste yarn for knitting the top


Photographer: Sarah Hinds

Model: Genevieve Greene

Hair and makeup: Genevieve Green