Sadie Jo

Inky Wedding

December 2020

The base of this piece is a wedding dress that was gifted to me by a family friend. When transforming this dress, I did not want to completely change the story– I simply wanted to add to it. To achieve this, I finished the edges, hand gathered, and hand sewed 200+ ruffles to the dress, creating a natural gradient of black curves up the train and skirt. The Inky Cap mushroom was my main source of inspiration; it turns black and drips as it ages, mimicking the way love tends to decay and change over time. The harness and posture collar, made of a sustainable vegetable tanned leather, add structure to the bodice, contrasting the chaos of the ruffles while representing the restrictions that come with love.


The original dress

Finishing the edges

Gathering the ruffles

Beginning to sew on the ruffles

Underside of the dress


Ruffle progress- doing large ones first

Adding smaller ruffles in-between the larger ones for gradient

Finished train

Closer up

Making the leather harness