Sadie Jo

Psychedelic Stays

Sept. 2020

A portrait

This piece is inspired by two eras: the 1960s and the 1790s. Both were marked by revolution and extreme social change that is seen plainly in their clothing, which inspired their marriage in this piece. I used the restrictive articles of clothing in the rococo era (ie: stays, garters, chokers) and transformed them into the 1960s way of freedom and social opposition via the flower power movement, linking the two radically different, yet surprisingly simpler, eras together.

Bias tape finished with tiny whipstitches

Finished inside guts!

Finishing the edges with bias tape. All backstitched on by hand!

After attaching the bias tape supports and trim- ready to finish the edges!

Before finishing the edges and sewing the seam allowance down

Cut, marked, and basted! Ready for sewing!